Meet my dolls

       Hi i hope you enjoy my dolls and their personalities !



Carly was my first doll. She was given to me by a friend.





Name: Carly

Age: 15

Type: CLD #27

Allergies: soy nuts

Hobbies: Playing video games, Reading magazines Playing sports                                                    in the rain and pulling pranks!

Personality: sporty, cool , hates painting her nails and wearing                                                                 fancy clothes. Carly is competitive and funny too.

Facts about Carly : I love dogs and Batman! Gym is my favorite                                                             subject and math sucks!

Pet(s): Skyler american shorthair

Favorite animal : wolf

Favorite food : wings!!

Favorite color(s): sky Blue



I got Lanie at the american girl store for my fifth birthday.




Name: Lanie Hollend

Type: American Girl of the year 2010

Age: 16

Allergies: None!

Hobbies: Nature Photography , soccer, Painting, Reading and Teasing                                                   Jackie and Lulu!

Facts about Lanie: I am a great photographer and I love nature and                                                             animals!

Pet(s) : Autumn, my beautiful Paint filly (kind of baby horse) !

Favorite animal: Rabbit

Favorite color(s): Green! Duh!

Favorite food: Cesar Salad

                                                     Lulu and Jackie


Me and my brother got the twins for Christmas when I was six and he was four.




Names: Lulu and Jackie

Type: bitty twins CML #28


Allergies: hazelnuts

Hobbies: Karate, swimming, wrestling eachother! HeHe!

Facts about Lulu: I love my brother and we do everything together! I love swimming and always do better at karate then my brother (don’t tell him i said that) !

Facts about Jackie: I love my sister and we do everything together! Sometimes i just love to tease her and I am so much better at swimming than her( don’t tell her i said that)!

Pet(s): None!

Favorite animal: Cat!(Lulu) No! Raccoon!(Jackie)

Favorite color(s): Red!(Jackie) NO! Pink!(Lulu)

Favorite food: Finally something we can agree on!(Jackie) Yeah! LOLLYPOPS!!!!(Lulu)

Favorite toy: Dolls! yay! (Lulu) No! Toy cars!!!(Jackie) Oh here we go again!(Lulu)



 I got Riley for my ninth birthday at the American Girl Store!




Type: truly me #43


Allergies: none!

Hobbies: Ballet, soccer, reading, swimming, art and running outside like a maniac!

Facts about Riley: I love Dance and swimming! The outdoors are my favorite and i love my  dog Pip!

Pet(s): a Dalmatian named Pip

Favorite animal: Siberian tiger

Favorite Color(s): Green and purple

Favorite food: Pasta with meat sauce







Name: Nikki

Type: Truly me #53

Age: 14

Allergies: None!!

Hobbies: Ballet, Contemperary , Soccer , vollyball

Facts about Nikki: I love dance and the outdoors! I enjoy camping and playing with my cats sandy and hazel!

Pet(s): Sandy a Raggamugffin and hazel an American Shorthair

favorite animal: Cat

favorite color(s): Green and blue

Favorite food: TACOS